Week 1 Assignments- May 30th

1. The blog I chose to read about was “Free technology for teachers”. The reason I decided to read about this blog by Richard Byrne was honestly because the title of his blog was an attention grabber to me. What teacher wouldn’t want to implement new and different types of technology in the classroom especially for free?? I know I would. He provides different resources that teachers can use in their classroom, tutorials, and even information about himself. Something I learned about in his blog in which really amazed me was that there were 47 other different alternatives to using youtube in the classroom. I was in complete disbelief! I had no idea there were numerous amounts of resources besides youtube and other sites where clips for students are displayed. Something I really liked about in which the author said was “I believe that when used correctly, technology has the power to improve student engagement and student achievement” and this ties directly to what we have been discussing in class so far.

2. The program that really stood out to me that the gaming program/classroom. I couldn’t believe how many different components there were to a game and how interesting it would be to see students work on. After learning about it I could really see how they learn throughout the process, practice trials and error, its a working process, its something they create, and there are different goals within each game they are creating. Something that also stood to me was that the narrator spoke of how allowing kids work on their own games prepares them to try to solve problems on their own and lets them work through problems face while figuring out what strategies to solve them with and win. I had never seen it from this angle and after looking at it, seeing that there has been research, and especially seeing how engage students are in it really surprised me. I wouldn’t mind using this as a project in my classroom. I am more than positive students would be very excited, but I also think it shouldn’t all be about technology. There should be a balance.


2 thoughts on “Week 1 Assignments- May 30th

  1. Interesting how you read the “Free technology for teachers” blog because I browsed through this as well even after completing that assignment. I love to show videos and interactive things when im doing presentations so I found it really cool as well to find other ways to use technology besides youtube! I’d definitely go back and refer to this when I am teaching!
    Have you used any of it yet?

    1. Thanks!! I have used a couple of free websites in the classroom besides youtube. About two weeks ago I had the students do a punctuation game online on their free time during language arts to practice all these skills.

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