Week 2 Assignments- June 6th

1. When watching traditional teenage quest for identity/connection occurs, I couldn’t help but think of all my students who already have an instagram at the age of 10 and who are talking about likes as well. This generation truly is a generation like and it is unbelievable how many things kids know how to do now a days. Some student know how to work a smart board or even a computer better than their own teachers which I’ve seen many times, especially with the older teachers. I think realizing how children are using the social web now a days can definitely prepare us in the classroom. For example, the video discussed how children can relate to characters from a book online and even write to them directly. Now only can they write to them now, their favorite artist or person in a movie/book can respond back! For a teenage or a kid, this is pretty exciting. If we are going to be talking about a book and reading it together, I can pull up things about certain characters on how they live, what their interests are, maybe other books that are going to come out, etc. This way, students are more actively engaged in what we are discussing in the classroom. Through the media, students feel no one is there to tell them what they can or cannot say, they are able to express themselves about anything, and they have a sense of voice or freedom. I thought it was interesting how kids feel that in person they will be judged by what they wear or how they act, but they aren’t afraid to reveal things about them online where all different type of people are more accepting. I think it would be great to bring up a conversation to the class on how the things you like, the more companies and other businesses are able to collect date and on how they get money. This would be a great math/research project all intertwined. Also, in the classroom, I feel that there can be instruction while students are collaborating together on projects as well as blogs or discussion boards which are the means of communication in classroom I’ve seen the most as of now. In conclusion, the more I am able to learn about different ways in which technology can be beneficial in the classroom, the more I am tempted to use it in the classroom. However, it’s important that children know why we are using it in the classroom and be instructed on the correct way to use it. I also think that students should be advised on what can happen if they don’t use technology correctly and the dangers could occur. Either way, as teachers, it is our job to also stay up to date on what is going around us to understand our students and to at least be residents of technology.


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