Week 3 Assignments

In the very beginning of watching Extracurricular empowerment:by Scott Mcleod I automatically said “this is just another video on why technology is helpful.” I think the the reason I said this was because I know we are learning about technology in this class and we are trying to look at the positives rather than just the negatives many people tend to think of, especially the elderly. However, after watching the clip and hearing all the examples he provided of different teens around the world who were using the media, I was so shocked. I couldn’t believe how many teens were being watched and subscribed because of what they were sharing or blogging about. I also couldn’t believe there were teens making over six digits even before going to college. It was definitely eye awakening. I also really enjoyed hearing about “Martha” and how she would rate her lunches every day at school. I thought it was interesting, clever, and something fun and educational in the sense of sharing what was healthy at her school and what was not. I also thought it was interesting how the school told Martha that they no longer wanted her to take pictures of her lunches and share them with other viewers and the world, basically. I’m sure the school board didn’t want pictures of the school’s lunch posted because it was became a huge thing where everyone was seeing what the students were actually being served. It created a negative image for that school and those who worked there. When Scott had mentioned that we do everything we can for our kids to have technology and then do everything we can to take it away, I didn’t completely agree with him. I believe that there are parents who don’t do everything they can for their kids to have all types of technology and I also believe that parents take it away when they need to. I am all for technology and all the great things that can be done with it, but I know for a fact that in my class we are still using our creative thinking, problem solving skills, etc. even when we don’t have our laptops or ipads out. I think that all these things he mentioned about can be exercised using technology AND the traditional classroom teaching using given materials, supplies, activities, and exercises appropriate for each skill.

– My focus for the semester would be Basic Concepts for 4th graders.
C/T 3-5.1 Demonstrate an operational knowledge of various technologies.
A. Use various types of technology devices to perform learning tasks.
• Use a keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, touchpad, and other input devices to interact with a computer.
• Demonstrate the ability to perform a wide variety of basic tasks using technology, including saving, editing, printing, viewing, and graphing.


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