Week 4 Assignments

Tech. VS. No tech in the classroom

-This article was so interesting to read. I had many different types of reactions reading each section were there were moments where I was in disbelief at how children were with technology in a negative way as well as moments where I was in shock to see what good things technology could do. Throughout the entire time though, there was a constant battle in my head on whether or not technology is good in the classroom and whether or not I’m for it or against it.

In all honesty, I think it’s great to expose students to technology because it’s all around them now and it’s good for them to be able to use all these devices. It’s also good that they are aware with what is being used now a day and the different things you can accomplish using these devices. However, I also think that it’s good for kids not only to see what it’s like to be taught in a traditional classroom, but also being able to obtain the benefits of help from an actual physical teacher who is in front of you. If there is a problem with another student and the student is not trying to get to a compromise, where will the student turn to for additional help? The computer? Or what if a student is feeling a particular way one day and wants to talk to an adult about how he is feeling , will he turn the computer on and ask for help on there?

There were a couple notes I took while reading this article that I thought stood out to me or came to my mind. One thing is that technology doesn’t always help everyone. As educators, we should all know this by now. Some students are better in a classroom where they are actually able to write using their hand and other students learn best by tapping on a touch screen and/or typing a story. In the beginning the author mentioned that there was a program that really helped with vocabulary, but was it a sure thing that it helped everyone? In addition, along with the writing, that article mentioned that students were now improving with their actual writing and spelling. I think that writing AND spelling are so important. Spelling check doesn’t really catch all spelling errors and it’s good for students to be able to spell without having to depend on a spelling checker that isn’t 100% accurate anyway.

Also,  I thought it was interesting how there was research on students who got the same scores whether they used technology or whether they were learning in a traditional classroom. Again, I just think it all relates to how students learn best. There also has to be a moderation to everything and why not know about everything in moderation? It’s better because then one is more knowledgeable about all things. I think it’s sad to go a party or social even where 80% of people are on their phones and can’t just talk to people. I also don’t know how I feel about having a 6th grader emailing and chatting during class. When I first read this I thought it was fascinating because we are preparing them for what it will generally be like in college and we are also allowing them to practice decision making. However, what happens when the made a poor choice and didn’t pay attention. The student will have to ask the teacher to RE-explain after the teacher has already explained it in case they are not able to capture it by just watching the you tube links. In reality, do we still need teachers? If they are in a technology environment, are they just there to make sure everyone is safe and there is an adult in the room while the students are learning through technology?




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