Week 5 Assignments

– The two TED talks I decided to watch were “Math class needs a makeover” and “Education is broken.”

The TED talk that stood out to me the most was “education is broken.” The reason I think this talk got more of my attention was because I had more of a connection to the way of thinking Chris Lehmann had. Even though I agree with Dan Meyer as well about how we only give students problems not letting them formulate their own questions and actually letting them observe/think about how math effects everything around us, I just felt more intrigued in what Chris had to say about how high school really does stink. Not only do the kids, but the administration and staff get accustom to this routine of bell after bell and telling the kids that they need to learn certain things in class for the tests or for later in life. I agree that we do need to teach our students how to live and how to learn and how everything they are learning is for now. Why later? What good does that serve everyone? I think it’s interesting how some teachers don’t know all the answers as well. It’s not only the students. However, somehow we have also gotten use to the  saying “lets see who can research it tonight and tell us what they found out tomorrow.” Why not think critically with the students and accept there is more then one right answer? I also absolutely love the idea of sharing their work, but I feel as my students teacher I have to check with each student first to make sure they are okay with it too.

– I think I would consider podcasts as professional learning in the future. Education, I think, is not just about learning, but learning new things in different methods that serve best for each student. Differentiated learning in the classroom is really important and if having students learn about podcasts and using them for a project helps them have a better understanding of what it is they want to know about, why not give them the opportunity to do so? I would be robbing them of their learning experience if I didn’t and that would be unfair to them, on my behalf, their teacher.


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