Flipped Clasroom Assignment



This lesson is a math lesson for 3rd grade students. This would just be the first lesson to less than, greater than, or equal to since I start off with basic comparing and then comparing two digit numbers. For the next day, we would learn about comparing bigger numbers, including three digit numbers (since that’s what that standard encompasses on). I also had a small mistake towards the end of the video where I corrected myself in the video and thought of taking out. However, the reason I didn’t was because I thought it would be a good teachable moment for the next day to tell kids that everyone does mistakes and that’s okay. 🙂 At the end I had a little bit of music to show the student that he/she is finally done with the lesson! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Flipped Clasroom Assignment

  1. I loved the teachable moment!
    Kids need to understand and empathize with their teachers. Showing them we are human and make mistakes breaks down barriers:)
    Love it!!

  2. Your tone of voice fits perfectly for a third grade audience! I love your use of analogies and that you made/left your mistakes in there! Great lesson 😀

  3. I thought it was a nice choice to include yourself into the lesson, so it was more personal. You introduced the piece of paper in the beginning, but I hoped you gave the students a little more instruction on what to write down throughout the lesson.

  4. I like how you’re actually in the video. I like how you related the less then to an L. I’ve actually never heard it that way but that makes it super easy to remember because kids confuse the way the alligator mouth goes sometimes. I like how you remind the students they should be taking notes. Because they’re watching something on the screen they might not pay attention, but you remind them to take notes to help. You also had a nice pacing for younger students so they don’t get lost. How would you collect the quiz? You could have them submit using a google doc so you could get their results right away. Good job!

  5. You’re really self-confident in the video, speaking clearly, and at an easy pace.
    I would leave the examples on the board longer, though, and not erase them until I’ve given several examples for all three concepts(symbols). I also liked that you required the students to write both the symbol and words on the quiz.

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