Week 6 Assignments

Reaction to Speak Up 2013 Survey and I how I would implement it during instruction

– When looking at the results where it lists personal access to electronic devices from kindergarten through senior year of high school, it didn’t really surprise me that high school students were using their phones more than the younger grades. It makes sense since they are older and most teenagers now a days have phones to located or for an emergency. What did surprise me was that starting from kindergarten student through second graders, almost half of all students are having access to laptops or tablets. I think this is a good thing because they are already being exposed to a device that could be used in the classroom or serve as homework, but what about those students who don’t have these devices at home or whose parents don’t believe in the use of technology at such a young age?

Another thing that amazed me in this survey was the focus on middle school students and how they are doing their own learning outside of school as well. Even though they weren’t using for example twitter as much to learn about something, they were still using other things that were available like games, videos, and even websites. I was surprised at the number of these three things. I think it’s beneficial for them to do this learning even though they are not at school. In addition, it shows adults and teachers how much thirst for knowledge our teens actually have. Could it be the internet that is craving this sense of thirst or hunger for knowledge?

For my own instruction, this survey really helped me see in reality what kids are using and how much of something they are using too. Even with our Title I schools we are seeing the effort of more devices being brought out to these areas where students may not have the privilege of having them at home. I would definitely make sure that all my students have devices of some sort if I wanted to assign homework for them on a given nights. For example, all my students have computers and they ALSO know how to log on to blackboard or MyOn (where they can read books online) so I know I can assign this and go back and check who read at least something.


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