Week 7 Assignments- Tweets

The first two tweets I re-tweeted on twitter were “The Tech Detective: Students Take Ownership of Technology” by Brad Currie who is a vice principal at Black River Middle School and “250 Million Children Can’t read, write, or count well even those with at least four years in school” (picture shared by globaleducationfirst.org). The third tweet I found and tweeted was “5 Unique Uses of Twitter in the Classroom” by Ryan Lytle.




The first article I read, Tech detectives, was an incredible article to read. Even though I’m not all for using technology 100% of the time in the classroom, but rather there be a balance, I was all for having tech detectives at schools. These tech detectives are students from within the school who are called to help teachers when needed. It gets them ready for a career they may be interested in, they are always learning new things in this club, they are being of help to teachers who need it, and there is a community involvement  (administration, parents, teachers, and students). This is such a great idea I might take up in my classroom, if permitted.

The second tweet I looked at was a picture describing 4 things we need in order to improve education throughout the world. It supports the fact that millions of children who finish school do not have basic literacy and numeracy skills. What I really liked about this picture was that is used more visuals to explain what we need with a short description, making it easier for the reader to read and capture the information. One of the needs I had not thought about, which I think is needed was improved material in the students language but in both traditional and digital methods.

The last article I found was related to twitter itself. It explained 5 reasons as to how you could use twitter in the classroom. I was able to connect this idea to when I first got a twitter for another education course. I really didn’t want one, but when I realized it was all education related, I learned I now had another source for teaching. Kids can think of twitter as only social media, but when we teach them that we can use it for different things to learn about, that just makes them a more powerful learner.  



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