Week 7 Assignments- Mobile Learning

The post I decided to read about in relation to mobile learning was “Schools and Students Clash Over Use of Technology” by Katrina Schwartz.


My reaction to this post at first reminded me of what I thought about before on technology in the classroom compared to now. At first, I thought cell phones would be a huge distraction as well as any other mobile device brought from home. Students would have access to emailing, texting, chatting, playing games, or doing something else that wasn’t related to what was going on in the classroom. However, now, I think that allowing them to bring in devices isn’t such a bad idea. Teachers should monitor what it is they are doing just like they would if they were doing something in their desk or writing notes to someone else in the class in a traditional classroom. Teachers should also explain to students the consequences of not doing what you are supposed to with your device for learning purposes. I also think about the fact that if we were able to allow all students to bring devices for learning purposes, they would be learning to make decisions on what they should be doing or not, which is a skill they have to learn and hold on to for the rest of their life. If we let them make decisions now, how much more decision making experience would they have by the time they even got to high school.

Just like a flipped classroom technique doesn’t have to be used all the time, I think it’s the same for having access to mobile devices. There should be time for different types of learning and students shouldn’t all miss out on the benefits of a traditional classroom as well. I think it’s great that parents seem like they are supportive of having mobile devices in the classroom so that their children are more interested in learning. However, I’m interested in what type of survey they did, what backgrounds of parents were they doing this survey on, and what was the percentage of different types of incomes the parents had. The reason for this is that I don’t agree when the post says “parents from across income categories were willing to buy devices for their children in order to increase their interest and engagement in learning.” Why don’t I agree? Many parents are working two jobs to provide for their families with their basic needs like shelter, food, and water. If this is on their mind and they are already short money at the end of the month, buying an I-pad or a phone is what they are least thinking of. That they would love to buy one of these mobile devices for their children, they would. What parent doesn’t want to give their children anything they are able to in order for their child to be more interested in school? However, there are priorities.


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